Capacitor Replacement Kit for Sega Game Gear Single ASIC VA1
  • Capacitor Replacement Kit for Sega Game Gear Single ASIC VA1

Capacitor Replacement Kit for Sega Game Gear Single ASIC VA1

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All new, high-quality capacitor replacements to get your Game Gear up and running again. If your Game Gear has leaking or old capacitors, this is a must have. Our Sega Game Gear repair kits use only premium components.


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⚙️ This is a hobbyist product that requires at least a basic knowledge of electronics to use and install. If replacing your console's broken components, please make sure that other components are otherwise operational or replace those too.

📕 We provide install guides and manuals on our support page, but will not be able to assist you in fault finding if your console is not working as expected.

Capacitor Replacement Kit for Game Gear VA1 Single ASIC version.

Each kit comes with a mini component map showing locations of capacitors and power circuit components. We recommend you get a full-size, laminated map together with your kit.

We use high-quality capacitors in this kit from suppliers like Panasonic, Nichion, Kemet, Wurth Electronik. You will not see cheap, substandard capacitors in any of our capacitor replacement kits. We have selected capacitors to fit within the spaces of the original components being removed. This ensures that the shell will close without hassle when the job is done.

This kit requires soldering.

Note: In some cases we will provide a higher voltage capacitor than the listed, this is safe to install and is actually more reliable. For example we may supply a 16V 22uF capacitor instead of a 6.3V 22uF. We ensure that the capacitor can fit physically, so you don't have anything to worry about.

Assembly and User Manual


Package Contents

  • 4x 10uF 16v
  • 1x 22uF 6.3V
  • 1x 33uF 6.3V
  • 2x 100uF 6.3V
  • 1x 68uF 6.3V
  • 1x 4.7uF 35V
  • 2x 0.47uF 50V
  • 3x 100uF 6.3V SMD
  • 2x 47uF 4V SMD
  • 1x 22uF 35v
  • 1x 100uF 25v
  • 1x 820uF 6.3v
CAP-GGVA1 Mixed_Capacitors
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Data sheet

Sega Game Gear Single ASIC VA1
Kit - Soldering required


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Install Guide / Manual

This product has a PDF installation guide or manual. Please see our support page for more information.

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