sentiment_very_satisfied Hello and Welcome!

Our shop provides everything to repair and upgrade your retro console. We offer replacement parts, modification kits, and tools. From simple capacitor replacement kits to modern LCD IPS displays, we got you covered!

We also offer game display and storage items to show off your collection and to keep it safe from dust and oily fingers.

If you're into game development, we offer cart dumpers and programmers to enable you to test your game on real hardware.

And then there's a selection of home-brew games we published and a bunch of fun stuff to fill your cart with.

videogame_asset Homebrew Game Publishing

Do you have a homebrew game you coded and want to have published? We will take care of putting it on cartridge, doing the cover art, boxes and cart stickers. At a fair price to you and the customer! We want to minimise the costs of publishing while making your game available to as many people as possible. Contact us to discuss details.

While at it, check out our current selection of published titles.

library_books Install Guides, Manuals and Troubleshooting

Many of the products we sell in our store require assembly, soldering and generally have a DIY nature. We do not include any paper manuals with the products in favour of having all the latest information available online, in digital form. Please see our support page on the Atari Gamer main website for detailed instructions, manuals and troubleshooting guides.

If there's anything missing on the support pages, you are more than welcome to chat to us directly on our Discord server, or contact us by email.