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Hello and Welcome!

Our shop provides everything to repair and upgrade your retro console. We offer replacement parts, modification kits, and tools. From simple capacitor replacement kits to modern LCD IPS displays, we got you covered!

We also offer game display and storage items to show off your collection and to keep it safe from dust and oily fingers.

If you're into game development, we offer cart dumpers and programmers to enable you to test your game on real hardware.

And then there's a selection of home-brew games we published and a bunch of fun stuff to fill your cart with.

Console Modding Service

If you want us to repair or upgrade/mod your console, please contact us for a quote.

We require for you to send your console to our workshop and pay a 20% initial deposit to reserve items from our store that will go into your console. You are also responsible for paying for return shipping and all of the mods you want to add. Labour is charged at competitive market rates.