Joust [Atari Lynx]
  • Joust [Atari Lynx]
  • Joust [Atari Lynx]
  • Joust [Atari Lynx]
  • Joust [Atari Lynx]
  • Joust [Atari Lynx]

Joust [Atari Lynx]

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Joust for Atari Lynx. Shrink wrapped new-old stock.

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You don a suit of armour, choose your weapon - a worn but sturdy lance. You climb onto a cyborg ostrich, grab the reins of your faithful mount and fly off to wage battle against the enemy.

In the distance you see an enemy vulture appear on a creator pad. You ready your lance and prepare to do battle. As you draw close to the enemy Bounder, you rise above him and prepare to defeat him with a quick swooping attack. You sweep down from the sky and dismount the enemy rider with a powerful blow. You have defeated the enemy...this time.

Shadowsoft Inc presents the Lynx version of Joust, a classic Williams Electronics Games, Inc. coin-op. Beware of all original enemies as you progress from wave to wave. Play alone or ComLynx with a friend. New for the Lynx version of Joust is Gladiator Mode. You can ComLynx and fight to the death with a friend to see who is the best. Ten different skill levels make this a must game for your Lynx.

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LNX-PT5005 Video_Game
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