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BennVenn IPS LCD Mod Kit - Lynx 1
  • BennVenn IPS LCD Mod Kit - Lynx 1
  • BennVenn IPS LCD Mod Kit - Lynx 1
  • BennVenn IPS LCD Mod Kit - Lynx 1

BennVenn IPS LCD Mod Kit - Lynx 1

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A modern LCD IPS screen replacement for your Lynx model 1. With its bright colours and crisp images your Lynx has never looked so good!

LCD Kit Features: Add Protection Zener Diode
Sold out! ☹️

This is the latest version of the BennVenn LCD replacement kit for Atari Lynx. It uses a high quality IPS screen instead of an older TFT screen. See this page for a comparison of BennVenn LCD kit versions.

There is also VGA out support. Note: VGA extension cable and connector is sold separately.

To use VGA out or scan-line switching functionality, you must also purchase the touch module and wiring kit when fitting this kit to a Lynx 1 since there is no backlight button on this Lynx model.

We recommend you also add the Lynx 1 LCD Mask when purchasing this kit. This will give your Lynx 1 install a much more professional look by hiding the metallic casing of the LCD panel from view.

Note: The built-in power circuit protection is not fitted by default due to global chip shortages and increased costs of components. If you would like to add this to your kit, select the "Add Protection Zener Diode" in the LCD Kit Features. If selected, the Zener Diode will be soldered onto the PCB. Adding the zener will protect the LCD kit from burn out in case your Lynx's MOSFET/zener fail and it will offer some limited protection to your Lynx too. See this page to see effect of the protection circuit being triggered. Replacing the MOSFET/zener on your Lynx is the best option however.

Below is an example of what the original screen in an Atari Lynx can look like. Issues like missing pixels, pixel rot and sometimes entire sections of the original panel not lighting up. The game is barely visible and becomes completely unplayable.

After installing the BennVenn IPS screen, the difference is huge! A nice, clear and crisp image, no noise and it's viewable from a wide range of angles. The photo below has the screen lens removed also, which will be replaced with a new glass lens.

Installation Instructions

Hold tight, we're working on a PDF version of the install guide. Meanwhile use the install guides on this page - https://atarigamer.com/pages/bennvenn-lcd-mod-kit-install-guides

Package Contents

  • 1x LCD screen and driver board for Lynx model 1
  • 1x Mounting bracket for Lynx model 1

Data sheet

Atari Lynx model 1.
Kit - Soldering required

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