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LynXmas 2020
  • LynXmas 2020
  • LynXmas 2020
  • LynXmas 2020

LynXmas 2020

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Game Release: Boxed with Cartridge

All of the games from the Atari Gamer LynXmas 2020 game jam.

Seven mini games on one cart, all Christmas themed!

Games included on the cartridge:

  • Gift Catcher
  • Naughty
  • RED
  • Santa Factory
  • Santa's Empty Sack
  • Saving Santa Tree
  • Snowball

The boxed version comes in a clear PET box, standard size as other Atari Lynx game boxes. Has a built-in cart stand and a colourful backdrop.

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All Atari Lynx consoles.
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3D Printed Curved Lip